From Pre-Wax Prep to Preventing Ingrowns: Our Head Waxx Specialist Explains It All

Waxing tips from Waxxpot Waxx Specialist

If you’re not already a waxing regular, we understand that the whole process might seem a bit intimidating. An unknown potential for pain and a stranger getting all up in your personal space with hot wax? We get it. That’s why we sat down with Mallori, Waxxpot’s Head Waxx Specialist from the Columbus, OH location (who is amaaazing, btw), to ask her all the burning questions a waxing newbie is dying to know. Read on to put your mind at ease.

Waxxpot Head Waxx Specialist

Q: First things first. Is waxing ALWAYS painful?

A: Absolutely not! Waxing can be uncomfortable, but the good news is it tends to get easier with consistency.

Q: Walk us through a typical visit to Waxxpot.

A: Sure thing. First, guests will be asked to complete a guest consent form to ensure there are no contradictions before starting service. Their Waxx Specialist will then take them back to a private room to be serviced. Throughout the service, the guest will be educated on products, aftercare suggestions and best practices for keeping up a good wax routine.

Q: How do you put waxing newbies at ease during their visit?

A: First, we reassure them that it’s perfectly normal to be a little nervous during their first wax. The Waxx Specialist will frequently check in throughout the service and give small breaks when needed. However, since any discomfort felt is so fleeting, it’s my personal opinion that it’s best to get through the first appointment quickly!

Q: Does skin type affect a guest’s reaction to waxing?

A: Everyone’s skin is unique, but even those with more sensitive skin are able to get waxed. Some may experience slightly longer-lasting irritation than others, but for the most part, all irritation is cleared within 24 hours.

Q: What’s the best way to prevent and/or treat ingrown hairs?

A: At-home care is crucial for waxing. We recommend exfoliating waxed areas three times per week while also using Waxxpot’s ingrown hair serum, PREVENT.

Q: Speaking of Waxxpot products, which do you use personally?

A: PREVENT and the Brow Serum are by far my two favorite products! PREVENT is a serum used three times per week to prevent ingrown hairs. It’s a super light formula so the product lasts a long time. The Brow Serum can be used for both brows and lashes to keep them healthy and promote growth. It’s really saved my lashes from years of having lash extensions.

Q: In your opinion, why is waxing the best hair removal method?

A: Unlike shaving, waxing provides long-lasting results and the benefits continue over time.

Q: What’s one more piece of waxing advice you’d like to share with new guests?

A: Be sure your hair is the appropriate length for your first wax! At least 2 weeks of growth is necessary to ensure the smoothest first results possible.

Thank you Mallori for being the knowledgeable waxing miracle worker you are! And here’s the good news – it’s not just Mallori who’s this skilled and reassuring. We make sure all of our Waxx Specialists at locations from Atlanta to Louisville, Austin and Denver are thoroughly vetted and highly trained, so you can feel confident about making that first appointment!

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