Our Top 7 Places to Show Off Waxed Skin

Best places to show off waxed skin

If you’ve been keeping up with your wax routine over the winter, no doubt you’re excited to show off that gloriously smooth skin now that the weather’s getting warmer. And while no place is a bad place to put your fresh wax on display (ok maybe there are a few bad places), we put together a list of our favorite locales where you’ll find us looking smooth this spring and summer!

  1. At the Pool: Sunscreen? Check. Book? Check. Bikini? Check. Bikini Wax? Double check.
  2. On the Beach: Waxed, relaxed, feeling the sand between your toes… and not between your stubble. Ew.
  3. On a Boat: Take your smooth out to sea and get selfie-ready – you’re on a BOAT!
  4. At a Music Festival: Boho cut-offs and crop top ensemble made possible by waxing. You’re welcome.
  5. In a Beer Garden: Cheers to good times, good friends and (most importantly) your hair-free underarms!
  6. At a Lake House: Lake life is even better when you don’t have to shave. Just saying.
  7. At a Baseball Game: Confidently root, root, root for your hometeam with that glowing, jumbotron-ready skin!

So much to do, so little time. Get out there, and make sure to keep up the waxing!

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