Got Ingrowns? Read This Guide.

ingrown hair prevention guide

Oh, ingrown hairs. We could wax on all day about how much we despise them, loathe them, want to ban them from our vocabulary, but being negative’s so not our thing. We prefer to focus on the positives: like how to eliminate ingrown hair from our lives, like, for good.

Because these skin irritations happen to the best of us. But luckily, we’ve put together a complete guide incorporating our fave blog posts dedicated to banishing pesky ingrown hair. Peruse, browse, utilize the tips in each of these articles and say buh-bye (and good riddance) to ingrowns. Behold:

Waxxpot’s Guide to Getting Rid of Ingrowns

Stop Ingrown Hairs In Their Tracks

An ingrown hair on your face is annoying and painful—and happens to men and women. Here’s how to prevent ithem on the area above the neck (ok, and the neck, too) before and after your wax.

Take me there, like, stat.

7 Ways to Prevent Ingrown Hairs (You’re Welcome)

As you may have realized by this point of our article, ingrowns don’t discriminate—they can wind up anywhere, from your face to your arms to your legs to your bikini area (thanks a lot, hairs). We share 7 tips to take pre- and post-wax appointment for your smoothest skin ever.

Yes! I have to know these 7 tips.

Ingrown Hair Care: Do THIS Immediately after Waxing

No, seriously. You need to follow these 6 steps post-bikini line or Brazilian wax to help combat ingrown hair(s).

I can do 6 steps.

3-Ingredient Homemade Body Scrub to Eliminate Ingrown Hair

We crafted this DIY body scrub in the midst of quarantine (oh, 2020), and it’s one we’ve continued to whip up at home every once in awhile because it’s so darn good. And simple to make. It has 3 ingredients.

Plus, it’s über important to exfoliate, especially when it comes to preventing ingrown hairs.

Read why and get the recipe.

And one more tip: Invest in Waxxpot PREVENT Ingrown Hair Serum, produced with a powerful combo of glycolic acid, lactic acid and tea tree oil, to (befitting of its name) prevent ingrowns, bumps and skin irritations. Buy at your fave Waxxpot, ASAP!



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