Confessions of a Waxx Specialist: Best Waxing Tips Revealed

best waxing tips

Not to state the obvious, but the best people to ask for waxing tips are the estheticians we will forever trust with our skin. Which is why we reached out to our Waxxpot Waxx Specialists who graciously revealed their expertise. So here you go: The holy grail of hair removal tips. Read them, follow them, then get stoked for your smoothest skin ever.

Exfoliation is legit, so scrub away (gently, obvi). Be diligent about your exfoliating routine because the benefits. are. astounding. Exfoliation helps prevent ingrown hairs and loosen already-present embedded ones. It rejuvenates skin. And it forces unwanted hairs to push through the skin’s surface more easily, ensuring your closest wax possible.

Tip: At the end of a hot shower brush away all of those dead skin cells trapping new hairs. Use a gentle scrub with a hydrating agent and smooth (never rough) granules, along with a light touch.

Slough away to keep those nasty ingrown bumps at bay!

Consistency is key. We always like to point out waxing is a routine, not a one-off. Wax regularly and you’ll start to see slower hair regrowth. Why is that good? It means you’re smooth for a longer period of time in between appointments. (Yay!) Hair will be finer and thinner, which makes waxing less and less uncomfortable. (Yay again!) And a wax routine trains your hair to grow on the same cycle, at the same time. Which results in you saying bye to those unwanted stray hairs or stragglers. Plus, wax consistently and you’ll help prevent ingrown hairs going forward.

Tip: Stick to a 4-6 week timeframe between waxes to see the best results; your Waxx Specialist will advise when to schedule your next appointment.

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