Whether this is your first bikini or brazilian wax you are a regular, we want you to have the best experience at Waxxpot. Brazilian and bikini waxing services are handled by experienced and trained wax specialists. We’re experts with waxing services and we’ve tried to answer any questions you may have before your first wax with us. Keep in mind, you get $25 off your first wax!

Benefits of Brazilian & Bikini Waxing

There are many benefits to bikini and brazilian waxing compared to other hair removal options. Waxing is a skin exfoliation as well as hair removal so you’ll be treating your skin by removing any lifeless skin cells. Compared to shaving, epilation, or hair removal creams, hair grows back weaker and finer after waxing so the more you wax over time, the less prominent your hair growth becomes. Since waxing is removing the hair follicle, waxing lasts longer than shaving or hair removal creams.

Bikini Waxing vs. Shaving

Bikini and brazilian waxing isn’t even a comparison if you ask us! Waxing leaves smoother and longer lasting results compared to shaving because waxing removes the root of the hair, not just the part of the hair above the skin. Did you ever notice that a day or two after shaving, you feel prickly stubs of hair? Waxing does not have the same effect since the hair needs to regrow. This also is why waxing causes hair to grow back softer, thinner, and less prominent over time!

Not sure what the difference between bikini and brazilian waxing is? These terms are often used interchangeably, but they are actually different services.

  • Bikini Line Wax: Bikini line wax service is waxing just the sides, and the top, as in the shape of the bikini bottom. This is essentially a clean up of what would be seen outside of your bikini covering.
  • Bikini Full Wax: Bikini full wax service is more than just outside of the bikini line, you can decide to take as much off the front area as you would like. If you want nothing at all, or you want a strip, or a shape, you decide!
  • Brazilian Wax: Brazilian wax service is everything front to back. If you wear smaller bikinis or just prefer the smooth feeling, we’ve got you covered with wax specialists who are experienced with full brazilian wax service.

Prepare for Your Wax


Exfoliate and lightly moisturize before your appointment to remove dwad skin cells and prepare the hairs for waxing.


Avoid Lotions and oils

pass on the lotion and oils before the day of your wax. Moisturizers can interfere with the wax process.


Hair Length

About the length of a grain of rice is what we recommend to allow for the perfect wax.

What to Expect From Our Experts

Waxxpot exists to make your skin smooth so you can feel confident and feel good about your skin.

  • Our staff has performed well over 100,000 Brazilians over the past 5 years. I’d say that qualifies us as experts. This is what we do and we take great pride in making you feel comfortable during your service.
  • Every wax specialist spends weeks of hands on training and education. Our full time trainers make sure all our specialist execute at the upmost professional level.
  • 77% of our guests are repeat customers. We’re working on making that 100%. Of course, we understand people do move out of town.


Dress Wisely

Cotton underwear is most desirable, we recommend saving the lace and breathable materials for a few days after your service.

Hands Off

Touching freshly wax skin can irritate and help develop pimples.

Cool Off

Cool off with a shower and keep the waxed area clean. Avoid harsh cleaners. We recommend our Soothe lotion for after care wax.

Not Too Hot

Saunas, tanning beds and steam rooms can wait a few days to avoid cooking your skin.

Off Limits

Take a break from sexual activity for 24 hours if you can to avoid skin irritation.

Scrub a Dub…Dub

Wait two days after your wax before you exfoliate to prevent ingrown hair and bumps.


Avoid shaving between waxes. Shaving causes your hairs to become very course. Routine waxing thins the hair and makes it a lot less painful for future waxes. It gets less painful every time you wax.

We work with both female and male clients, everyBODY is welcome!

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