With a Brazilian or bikini wax, anything goes (and in the case of a Brazilian, everything goes). And whether a first-timer or regular hair remover, your waxing session should be one thing: comfortable, never intimidating. Waxxpot exists to make you feel confident. Here’s what to expect—it’s all smooth sailing from here. 

Why Book a Brazilian wax or Bikini Wax

  • Well, for starters, who has time to shave? And let’s be serious, razor bumps are so 90s. (So are day-old prickly shaving stubs.) Enter in the oh-so-obvious choice of a Brazilian wax or bikini wax.
  • Secondly, if you’re short on time (um, everyone), schedule a Brazilian or bikini wax and let our expert Waxx specialists take care of it. Simple as that.
  • Waxing exfoliates your skin while removing it. Lifeless skin cells? Sloughed away.
  • It’s said hair removal services like epilation and creams irritate the skin far more than waxing.
  • Plus, waxing rids hair from its root, making you smoother, longer (typically three to four weeks). Shaving merely removes the surface of the hair so the follicle remains intact.
  • The more you wax, the more the hairs regrow finer and lighter. As an added bonus, it triggers the waxing process to be less painful.

What to expect from our waxx experts

Uncompromising standards with specialized industry knowledge is what sets us apart. Humble brag? Nah. Just the truth.

  • Industry experts: Our Waxx specialists have performed well over 100,000 Brazilian waxes over the past five years. (Yep, you read that number right.)
  • Training day: Every Waxx specialist spends weeks of hands-on training and education. And our full-time trainers make sure our specialists execute at the upmost professional level.

different types of Brazilian and Bikini Waxes

  • Brazilian Wax: Everything off from front to back.
  • Bikini Line Wax: Just the sides and top (think shape of a bikini bottom); it’s essentially a cleanup of what’s seen outside your bikini covering
  • Bikini Full Wax:  As much off the front area as you’d like. Nothing at all? No problem. A strip or a shape? Sure thing. You decide.

What to Expect from Your brazilian or bikini wax

Area cleansed, wax applied, hair removed, always in the direction opposite the hair growth. Leftover wax residue wiped away, soothing ointment applied and you’re on your way. Smooth in a matter of some 15 minutes.

So, scale of 1 to 10, what’s the pain level? Does a Brazilian wax hurt? Does a bikini wax hurt? Fair question, and the answer varies. It really depends on your pain tolerance, but we try to make it as painless as possible with our signature, formulated (precision-driven) waxes. Plus, the more you wax, the less uncomfortable it is.

Prep Pre-brazilian or bikini Wax

  • Clean up your act: Exfoliate and lightly moisturize the day before to remove dead skin cells and prepare the hairs for waxing.
  • Avoid lotions and oils: Pass on these prior to your Brazilian or bikini wax. Moisturizers can interfere with the process.
  • Hair length: Yes, it matters. We recommend you grow your hair to be the length of a grain of rice for the perfect wax.

Post-brazilian or bikini Wax Love

  • Dress wisely: Loose clothing and breathable material (i.e., cotton underwear) is a must for a few days post-wax.
  • Hands off: Refrain from touching freshly waxed skin; it can irritate and cause pimples.
  • Cooldown: Refresh with a shower and keep the waxed area clean. Avoid harsh cleansers (we suggest using our Soothe lotion post-procedure).
  • Turn down the heat: Hot showers, saunas, tanning beds and steam rooms should wait for a few days.
  • Off-limits: Try to take a break from sexual activity for 24 hours to avoid skin irritation.
  • Here’s the scrub: Wait two days post-wax before exfoliating to prevent ingrown hair and bumps.
  • No shave zone: We know it can be tempting, but avoid shaving between your Brazilian or bikini waxes. Why? Shaving creates coarser hair; routine waxing thins it. And the thinner the hair, the less uncomfortable future waxes.