Here’s the bare ultimatum: Smooth skin is where it’s at. So skip the bleach and the shave—schedule a facial wax. It’s ideal for those with unwanted hair.

Why Book a Facial Wax

  • Because bleaching can be messy and lead to disastrous results.
  • Shaving can’t guarantee the removal of all facial hair: First of all, it’s not precise. Secondly, ladies, this is for you: Don’t you dare put a razor up to your face.
  • It’s said hair removal services like epilation and creams irritate the skin far more than waxing.
  • Facial waxing rids hair from its root, making you smoother, longer (typically three to four weeks).
  • The more you wax your face, the more the hairs regrow finer and lighter. As an added bonus, it triggers the waxing process to be less painful.

What to expect from our waxx experts

  • Waxing experts: Uncompromising standards with specialized industry knowledge is what sets us apart. Humble brag? Nah. Just the truth.
  • Training day: Every Waxx specialist spends weeks of hands-on training and education. And our full-time trainers make sure our specialists execute at the upmost professional level.

What to Expect from a facial wax

Facial area cleansed and/or disinfected, wax applied, hair removed swiftly, always in the direction opposite the hair growth. Leftover wax residue wiped away, soothing ointment applied and you’re on your way. Quick. Precise. Over in a matter of minutes.

So does facial waxing hurt? You may experience mild discomfort during, as well as temporary redness post-treatment. But our signature, formulated (precision-driven) waxes help make your wax as painless as possible.

No bleach. No shave. Just smooth results.

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