7 Reasons Your First Bikini Wax Shouldn’t Scare You

first bikini wax tips

Your efforts toward achieving perfect, smooth, stubble-free skin have led you down the rabbit hole of several DIY hair removal techniques—and you’ve got the scars (and nightmares) to prove it. But once you’ve finally come to your senses, you book your first bikini wax. You’re one part excited, one part terrified. Sounds about right.

So first of all, congratulate yourself on making the correct decision. Secondly, toss your razor because once you wax in a professional setting, you’ll never shave or DIY again. Thirdly, relax. Don’t allow any preconceived pre-wax apprehension to cause you the slightest hint of stress. No freaking out necessary.

Here’s why getting a bikini wax shouldn’t scare you.

7 Reasons Not to Freak Out before Your First Bikini Wax

  1. Because you’ll prep first. And you’ll do so by growing out your hair to be at least a 1/4″ long. (And if it’s too long? Trim down to 1/2″ prior to your wax appointment.)
  2. There are ways to help prevent common issues like ingrown hairs. Avoid these skincare concerns with this self-care tip: Pre-wax, scrub your skin with a gentle exfoliant to loosen any existing ingrown hairs. Post-wax, aftercare beauty products work wonders to calm redness and address any irritation (we recommend Soothe by Waxxpot—ask your wax specialist for details).
  3. You might believe waxing in any setting other than home will be uncomfortable. Yes, your own bathroom is probs your sacred space. But we’ve already established that DIY hair removal isn’t your best option. So head to a professional salon. Personally, at Waxxpot, you’re in a safe space. The ambience? Chic but welcoming, fresh and clean. Comfortable x’s 1,000.
  4. The unexpected that comes with first-time waxing may frighten the bejesus out of you, sure. No argument there. But breathe easy. Because we’ll walk you through every step so you never have the chance to feel anxious. Any questions? We’ll answer them all and be specific in the process.
  5. Getting naked (at least from the waist down) in front of a perfect stranger is likely not on your list of favorite things to do. However, we can’t emphasize this enough: Waxxpot is a 100% (1,000%) judgment-free zone. We embrace all shapes, sizes, skin tones, etc. When we say Waxxpot is for everyBODY, we stand by it.
  6. No matter how many of your friends insist waxing doesn’t hurt, the pain aspect still frightens you. But know that a bikini wax won’t hurt as badly as you think. Is it super-pleasant? Not completely. But it’s also not the scream-y, high-pitched shrieking scenario you see on TV either.
  7. A bikini wax is over so quickly, we promise. You’ll be smooth in minutes and on your way. You’ll stand in line longer to get your morning cup of coffee than it takes to become hairless.

Hope this helps. See ya, anxiety. Hello, smooth you!



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