Why You Should Wax Instead of Thread

waxing vs threading

Here’s the thing about hair removal: The process-slash-resolve to eliminate unwanted hair has long been part of beauty/self-care routines. Crash course in history here: Waxing is said to have debuted in ancient Egypt, as women removed body hair with beeswax and sugar-based waxes (among other items). Threading is another age-old technique, originating in the Middle East or Asia more than 6,000 years ago. As for the waxing vs threading debate? We’re betting that argument’s been around for just as long.

So let’s get ready to rumble: Is waxing or threading better? We say no contest: It’s waxing all the way.

Not to say threading is bad; trust us, we’ve tried both methods in our quest for ridiculously smooth skin and well-groomed brows. And threading does afford many benefits. But we’re backing up our theory that waxing is where it’s at.

Let’s discuss.

5 Reasons Waxing Is Better Than Threading

  1. Waxing removes hair from the follicle by applying hard or soft wax, sometimes with strips, and swiftly pulling it opposite the direction of hair growth. Threading uses a cotton thread in an entwining, twisting and rolling pattern to essentially lift hair, either individually or in rows, from the root. But because of threading’s technique, there is little room for error. The skin must be pulled taut enough to prevent any nicks. Plus, hairs tend to break if the treatment’s performed by an unskilled technician. We believe waxing is gentler on the hair follicle.
  2. Short on time? Opt for waxing: Threading can be quick if you go to a professional salon, but expect to sit in the beauty chair longer than you would with a wax appointment.
  3. And because threading takes longer, it’s more painful. When we’ve had our eyebrows threaded, we’d describe it as snapping, sharp pinches. Our eyes watered, it tickled our nose…needless to say, not pleasant. We’d rather “rip off the band-aid” quickly, as that saying goes, with one quick pass from waxing. (And, strictly a side note here, but a good reminder: The more you wax, the less uncomfortable it becomes. Why? Because you’re damaging the hair follicle—in a good way—each time you remove hair from its root. So cheers to maintaining that wax routine.)
  4. Waxing is the more versatile option. Threading works for removing unwanted hair in the brow and other facial areas, but really should not be booked for regions where coarser, abundant hair grows (aka, arms or legs).
  5. Many maintain waxing results last longer, keeping you tidy and groomed for around a month. On average, threading lasts about half that timeframe. Of course, it all depends on how fast your hair grows.

The verdict for waxing vs threading: waxing.



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