Waxing Vs Sugaring: Why Wax is Better

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The goal: Remove unwanted hair to reveal smooth skin. The strategy: Whatever works to obtain said smoothness. There are sooo many hair removal treatments out there. And excluding waxing (of course), we’ve pretty much eliminated every option to eliminate our unwanted hair. No matter how sweet they sound. Yes, we’re speaking of sugaring. This all-natural hair removal technique has its benefits for sure, but when it comes to waxing vs sugaring, we believe waxing’s the better alternative. Here’s why.

What’s the Difference?

Before we get into waxing vs sugaring, let’s discuss the similarities and differences between the two. For starters, both remove hair from the root. (The waxing process uses hard and soft wax, sometimes in strips, to remove unwanted hair. The wax application follows the same direction as hair growth before it’s removed in the opposite direction of growth. Sugaring utilizes a sugar paste, often comprised of sugar, water and lemon juice. Here, technicians apply the paste in the opposite direction of hair growth, then flick it off in the natural direction of the growth.) Both exfoliate the skin in the process. And the more consistently you wax or sugar, the thinner, finer, slower your hair grows back. All valid points.

But we still maintain waxing reigns supreme.

Waxing vs Sugaring

  1. Waxing works for all hair types—yes, even thick hair. Those with coarse, thick hair take note that if you maintain a steady waxing routine, your regrowth should ultimately become finer and softer.
  2. Fine hair benefits, too. Waxing is the more effective hair removal method for eliminating those hard-to-get, short, baby (annoying) hairs. Sugaring will remove these hairs eventually, but it may take a second pass.
  3. Therefore, waxing is quicker. Sugaring paste becomes less sticky as the treatment ensues. Which means you might have to repeat the process over one or more areas of the body. Another reason waxing is more efficient—it allows for faster hair removal in large areas at once (such as your legs or stomach).
  4. Score another one for waxing: Overall, it seems to be less expensive than sugaring (likely because sugaring is more time-consuming). A Brazilian wax and full leg wax typically cost around $50 and $70, respectively, while sugaring prices for these same services run about $60 to $80.
  5. Plus, you want seriously smooth results, right? Waxing is it.



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