Have Sensitive Skin? You Can Still Wax!

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Dry, oily, combo, sensitive. You’re likely well aware if your complexion leans toward the latter. You’re reminded of it every time you introduce a new moisturizer into your beauty routine. When your skin reacts to seasonal changes via the form of itchiness, burning or dryness. And when it seems just the thought of a hot shower or scented laundry detergent makes your skin go totally berserk. Hence, breakout; hello, annoyance. There might be a slew of beauty experiences you’ve dismissed because of your heightened skin sensitivity. But guess what? Drumroll because this is huge: Waxing doesn’t have to be one of them. Yes, waxing with sensitive skin is possible.

Nix the razor and say hi to a wax routine (and smooth skin). Just keep the following 3 tips in mind. The most important one? The wax you use and the wax specialist you see matters. Completely.

Waxing with Sensitive Skin

Skip waxing if you have a breakout, broken skin or any type of irritation in the area you’d like to wax. Rather, wait until skin is completely healed.

A reputable wax salon, with knowledgeable Wax Specialists, is key for those with sensitive skin (and those with skin). Using the incorrect type of waxing technique and wax (not to mention a poor-quality wax) is a primary reason for redness, bruising, tearing, etc. And not booking with expert Wax Specialists at a professional salon is just asking for skin issues. At Waxxpot, our wax is awesome for sensitive skin types. It has mineral oil in it to aid in gentle removal. It also doesn’t have any heavy perfumes, so it’s stellar for clients with skin sensitivities.

Aftercare beauty products = your new BFF. Inspect yourself for signs of irritation in the days following your wax—and be sure to apply post-wax products like Waxxpot’s Soothe aftercare solution to curb bacteria and calm your skin.

Read more pre-wax tips and waxing aftercare instructions for those with sensitive skin!



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