Ok, men, it’s time to erase the stigma (and face your fears) of getting your eyebrows waxed. There are plenty of reasons why you should try it. For starters, people are spending an inordinate amount of time peering closely at you on Zoom calls. And today’s norm of masking makes one’s eyes go immediately to your (perhaps bushy?) brows. And then there’s this: “An easy rule of thumb: If you have hairs extending beyond your brow line or hairs congregating to form the beginnings of a unibrow, manscaping is a must,” states Men’s Health. Makes complete sense; we couldn’t agree more.  It’s time to book that male wax service.

Be brave. Let’s manscape.

Why Men Should Wax Their Brows

First, because the positives of a set of perfectly (but still natural-looking) groomed brows far outweigh the pain you think you’ll experience from waxing. (And , honestly, eyebrow waxing is not that big of a deal. Most would say it’s uncomfortable, not painful.  Take an Advil approximately a half hour prior to your appointment if you’re really concerned.)

Secondly, a fun little fact: Brows tend to get more unruly when you hit your 30s and age upwards. Perhaps it’s past due to get rid of that unibrow. Or, your brows just need a serious cleanup.  Best to book an appointment.

Why else should you book this particular male wax service? Because there’s something to be said about a groomed appearance. And brow waxing is a super-easy way to  look more polished and kept. Plus, a set of well-groomed brows can help bring out your best facial features. It helps to balance the proportion of your face. And, (bonus),  correctly shaped eyebrows can take years off your face.

And finally, because you should never shave your eyebrows. Face and neck? Shave away. Brows? Toss that razor, immediately.



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