Sensitive Skin? After Waxing Care to Soothe & Calm

after wax care for sensitive skin

There is almost nothing more irritating than being amped about your smooth skin post-wax treatment…and then dealing with almost immediate irritation. Unfortunately, sometimes—particularly if you have sensitive skin—you’re prone to experience redness, bumps and itching (ugh) when you wax, despite your waxer’s excellent skill set. Follow these after waxing care tips for sensitive skin. (Plus, read how to avoid irritation in the first place!).

After Waxing Care for Sensitive skin

In case you find yourself on the annoying end of irritated skin, follow these steps to calm and soothe.

  1. Skip exfoliating directly post-wax. Scrubbing the newly waxed area? Not on your life. Same goes for indulging in a hot shower—opt for a lukewarm one instead.
  2. Apply Waxxpot’s Soothe antiseptic aftercare solution. Just a pea-sized amount applied a few times weekly post-shower kills bacteria and combats irritation.
  3. Flaunt your newly waxed skin sans the makeup. Yes, you may have after-wax bumps or redness you’d like to conceal with your foundation or the like, but applying makeup to freshly bare areas can cause breakouts. Plus, you’re beautiful. Let your natural self shine and go makeup-free.
  4. Loose clothing is key. Baggy attire works best for those sensitive to waxing. It allows your skin to breathe and avoid rubbing, hence, irritation.
  5. Hands off. Help the bumps heal by not touching the newly waxed area.

Pre-Waxing Care to avoid irritation

And before your next wax salon visit, follow these tips to prevent irritation in the first place.

  1. Leave the wax to the pros. Waxing is serious business. You run a greater risk of irritating skin when you perform a DIY wax or at-home treatment. If the wax is too hot, you could very easily burn yourself. If the wax is too cold, it can be super tricky and difficult to take off. Bring on the irritation. So we reiterate: Smooth skin is fabulous. Bumps and ingrown hairs are not. Best to leave it to the pros. And you’re in luck: Waxxpot’s exclusive, specialty waxes are formulated to make the waxing process less painful. And our waxxperts’ extensive training helps them deliver precise, lasting results—and do so in a flash. (Find a Waxxpot waxing spa near me.)
  2. Your hair length is significant, trust us. Grow it out to 1/4 inch (but no more than 1/2 inch) before you head to your wax salon. (Any shorter and your skin will stick to the wax. Um, ouch.)
  3. Scrub before getting your smooth on. You might not realize how much bacteria, dirt or dead skin cells reside in your pores and hair follicles. Gently remove this clogged build up in and around the follicle by exfoliating your skin the day before your appointment. (Scrubbing away the day of and you run the risk of irritation.)
  4. No moisturizer the day of…but a (tiny) bit of powder’s okay. Definitely lotion up in the days before your wax appointment so your skin is soft. (It prevents hair breakage and makes waxing less painful.) But nix it the day of. However, if you’d like, you can apply (a bit of) baby powder to absorb any excess moisture. Or, at Waxxpot, we provide courtesy wipes so you can remove any excess oils prior to your wax.
  5. Divulge all to your waxxpert. Have sensitive skin? It’s okay—you can still wax! Just express any concerns with your Waxxpot esthetician prior to your appointment. Now’s the time to also discuss any current medications you’re taking such as retinoids, etc.



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