Let’s catch up. We love hearing that you miss us (it goes without saying, we miss you, too!). But hang in there, everyBODY. Because hopefully we’ll see you very soon—and more importantly, we can get you back to your smooth self, ASAP. (Further down, review tips on how to prep before waxing.)

Here’s what’s happening at Waxxpot. We’re preparing for the new normal while we navigate a COVID-19 world. Masks, cleaning protocols and all. The cleanliness aspect—we’re obsessed with it. Always have been, always will be. That’s nothing new, so we say bring on this new “normal.” We’ll be ready for when we can reopen, just like we always have been. (Read our extensive sanitation practices.)

And as we prepare, there are things you can do prior to your next wax appointment.

Here’s how you can prep before waxing

  • Hold off on the at-home treatments: We know it’s tempting to wax yourself (or shave or even to tweeze) but hold out. We’ll be open just as soon as we can and you’ll be the first to know. Fuzz free, here you come.
  • If you have shaved, grow your hair out twice as long. That way your hair won’t be too short when you come in—you need something for the wax to hold on to.
  • And if you haven’t shaved (we applaud you!), carefully trim down to about 1/2 inch so you’re ready to roll. (Hair that’s any longer can make waxing more difficult.)
  • How else can you prep before waxing? Keep exfoliating a couple of times weekly. Use a scrub, mitt, loofah, brush, whatever you prefer, but gently slough away dead skin cells surrounding the hair follicles. This will not only help deliver optimal waxing results (exfoliating makes the hair point up and prompts it to grow in the correct direction), but it will loosen any existing ingrown hairs. (Plus, it produces healthier skin and who doesn’t want that?)
  • Continue moisturizing so skin stays smooth and soft. This is especially important when waxing, no matter if it’s an eyebrow wax, body wax, Brazilian wax, etc., etc. Dry skin can cause your hair to break off rather than eliminating it from the root.

See you soon!



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