Can I Wax Over a Tattoo?

tattoo waxing

Hello, hello, from me, your Fairy Waxxmother! I’m here to answer another Waxx Me Anything question because helping you live smoothly ever after is, absolutely, my fave thing! Today we’re talking getting waxed and getting inked.



Hi Fairy Waxxmother, can I wax over a tattoo? Will it damage my ink?


Inquisitive in Columbus


Is waxing bad for tattoos? Is it bad to wax before a tattoo? How soon after getting a tattoo can I wax? Will getting a wax make my tattoo dull or damaged and is it safe?

Such great questions—and ones I get asked often, so here we go!…

Yes, you can totally wax over tattoos (at the right time though; keep reading for details).

You see, wax is applied to the top layer of skin, aka the epidermis, only. Your tattoo ink is injected into the dermis, the layer below the epidermis. Therefore, you can wax over a tattoo without having any worries about harming it.

And (bonus) waxing may actually make your tattoo brighter! Waxing exfoliates the skin’s surface, eliminating all those dead skin cells that have camped out there. The result: Renewed, healthier skin—and a more radiant, fresher tattoo(s). Total win-win.

A quick piece of advice from your Fairy Waxxmother: Moisturize post-wax (you should do this whether you have tattoos or not) to nourish skin and help tattoos appear more vibrant. You’re in luck because you can purchase Waxxpot Hydrate Body Lotion during your hair removal appointment. (Yay!) So easy and so worth it—the lotion, part of the Waxxpot Body Collection, deeply hydrates (hence, its name) with ingredients such as grapeseed and avocado oils and shea and cocoa butters.

Waxing Before a Tattoo

Get waxed, then get inked.

“To receive a tattoo, the skin must be hair-free, so tattoo artists usually shave the area, but hair begins to grow back within a day, which can cause stubble and discomfort,” explains American Spa. “Waxing, on the other hand, helps keep the skin hair-free for several weeks, allowing the newly tattooed skin to heal without discomfort.” Hence, “tattoo waxing.”

Just make sure you wax in advance, at least a week, prior to getting inked. This allows skin to remedy itself from any potential redness or irritations.

Waxing After a Tattoo

Never wax over a new tattoo until it is completely healed (anywhere from 4-6 weeks); do so over freshly inked skin and it’s essentially waxing an open wound. That’s just asking for infection (not to mention serious pain).

Now, more questions for me? I’m here, so waxx me anything! Comment or DM on social and use #fairywaxxmother and #WaxxMeAnything.

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