How to Avoid Ingrown Hair After Your Bikini Wax

ingrown hair prevention tips

Oh, ingrown hair. How we loathe thee. (Along with what comes with it: Redness. Oh, and the pain. The discomfort. And did we mention the embarrassment?)

That’s why we got smart and now always, always take the appropriate steps to help prevent ingrown hairs post-bikini wax or Brazilian wax.

Let us be your guide: If the concern of ingrowns is halting you from clicking the “book now” button for your down-there wax, release it. We’ve got you. Follow these pro tips to help prevent ingrown hairs. Bumps, begone!

5 Ways to Avoid Ingrown Hair After Your Bikini Wax

Ok, let’s first explain how ingrowns come to be.

Ingrown hairs announce their irritating selves when your hair grows back into your skin, rather than up to the surface. Um, yikes. (And ow.) So def utilize these tips.

*Nix the DIY wax experience. No, seriously. It doesn’t cut it, no matter how inexpensive the product or how easy YouTube makes at-home hair removal appear. For your best chance at being bump-free, seek professional help. (Yes, in the form of Waxxpot’s Wax Specialists. These skilled specialists train rigorously and meticulously to provide the proper hair removal techniques and patterns. Pair them with our proprietary soft wax [which you’ll only find at Waxxpot and which is designed to get rid of even the finest baby hairs], and you’re in excellent hands.

*Exfoliate pre- and post appointment (but timing is key). Slough away any dead skin cells on the soon-to-be waxed area a day or two before your wax appointment. This allows hairs to push through more easily and encourages the closest wax possible. And exfoliate again a few days post-wax, as well as moisturize. Tip: Only opt for gentle scrubs infused with hydrating agents; anything stronger (looking at you, chemical exfoliators), will be too harsh on skin pre-wax and can promote irritation or burning.

*Invest in waxing aftercare products. They work, they’re easy to use and they help eliminate ingrown hairs while soothing skin. Um, hello. Totally worth it. We, of course, prefer Soothe by Waxxpot After Wax aftercare antiseptic solution.

*Don’t shave or tweeze between wax appointments. If by chance you do wind up with an ingrown hair, tweezing it will likely cause infection or scarring(!).

*And while you’re at it, keep your hands far from the freshly waxed area to avoid irritation (such as ingrown hairs). No touching, scratching, anything of the sort.

Buh-bye, ingrowns and the fear of them: It’s summer prep time everyBODY, so book your bikini or Brazilian wax!



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