Celebrate Mom with Self-Care: Waxxpot Gift Card for Mother’s Day

waxxpot gift card

Moms, you are a million things to everyBODY who does a million things for everyBODY (not to state the obvious). Therapist. Mediator. Chauffeur. Cook. Teacher. Finder of all things. Keeper of all secrets. Your to-do list is a mile long (again, like we have to tell you this). And not that we want to add one.more.thing. to your to-do list, let’s include this oh-so-essential item: You. Yes, you. And in the form of self-care. Meaning: a Waxxpot Gift Card!

Surprise Mom with Self-Care Time

Now, this can go two ways:

If you’re a mom: Gift yourself some time to yourself—some self-care time, that is. Hey, even Wonder Woman deserves a break. So purchase a Waxxpot Gift Card and use it toward a service or Waxxpot products (coming soon!).

Brows. Brow tint. Brazilian wax. Leg wax. Whatever waxing service you want. Use your gift card and enjoy!

And if you’re not a mom: Surprise your mom (aka, Wonder Woman) with our Gift Card. Celebrate her with some self-care time and relax, knowing she’s ultimately going to wind up with not only gorgeous (seriously smooth!) skin and/or fab brows, but also a pampering experience and killer confidence to boot.

What Makes a Waxxpot Gift Card So Fab?

*They never expire. Like, never. How incredible is that?

*You simply buy them in store

*Add any denomination you’d like to the card

*Did we mention you can use them toward one of our amazing wax services or on our soon-to-be-launched Waxxpot self-care products?

Buy your Waxxpot Gift Card at your nearest Waxxpot today!



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