THIS Is Why You Leave Nose Hair Removal to the Pros

facial hair removal

Men, we’re here to discuss facial hair removal. And, in particular, nose waxing. (And, yes, this is absolutely a service that women book as well, but let’s focus on men’s waxing services for a moment.) We know you’ve likely been gifted a nose-slash-ear trimmer at least once in your lifetime. (Or you’ve borrowed dad’s, grandpa’s, roommate’s, etc.) Those pesky nose hairs have to go somehow, right? Well, here’s something you should know: It’s absolutely best to leave facewaxing—including nasal hair removal—to professionals. (Yes, even if you’re a trimmer enthusiast.)

We know.

Mind blown.

And we, of course, encourage waxing as the preferred hair removal method.


*Well, for one, waxing sure beats yanking out those nose hairs yourself via tweezers or your fingers. (Come on, we know you’ve done this before.) Hello, ingrown hairs, soreness and serious pain.

*Plus, the results from facewaxing last much longer than if you trimmed or shaved. Waxing removes hair from the follicle. Trimmers eliminate hair where you’d like but only to a certain extent, while shaving can take hair down to the skin’s service at most. And, of course, with trimmers or a razor, the hair’s only gone until it grows back again. Which for many, is quite quick.

*Additionally, waxing your nose hair can help clear the nasal passages.

Facial Hair Removal: Leave It to the Wax Experts

men's waxing servicesOk, so facial hair removal should only be done professionally? Um, that’s a hard yes when it comes to nose waxing and here’s why:

*Nose hair actually acts as a defense mechanism: It protects your body from harmful debris. It also aids in adding and retaining moisture in the very air we breathe. As such, nasal hair should only be removed to a certain extent. Meaning: Expert waxers only, please.

*(And that doesn’t even touch on the fact that the skin inside the nose is extremely fragile. Again, it’s imperative to leave this up to the pros.)

How Nose Waxing Works

The Waxx specialist applies hard wax to the applicator stick and places it inside your nostril. The wax remains on the applicator until dried and removed, bringing the hair with it.

Happy facewaxing! Book now!



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