Find the Perfect Gift for Everyone at Waxxpot

Gifts for everyone at Waxxpot

The holiday season is here! And so is the mad rush to check friends and family off your gift-giving list. Feeling stumped on a few people? No worries, your Fairy Waxxmother is here to save the (holi)day! Here are a few things I recommend that are guaranteed to please all the special people in your life (and you can get them all at Waxxpot!):

Your Family

The Waxxpot Body Collection is perfect for your mom, your sister – even brothers and dads! (Because who doesn’t love to be pampered?) These products work great as small individual gifts (stocking stuffers, perhaps?) or as a set.

  • CLEAN Body Wash: Give the gift of next-level showers. CLEAN Body Wash gently polishes, cleanses and soothes bumps and blemishes, all while locking in moisture. Perfect to use on a daily basis.
  • HYDRATE Body Lotion: With the cold, dry months now upon us, hydrated skin is on everyone’s wish list. Our HYDRATE Body Lotion makes that freshly moisturized glow a reality!
  • SMOOTH Exfoliant: The holidays are a time to sparkle, and that’s exactly what our SMOOTH Exfoliant does for your skin as it sweeps away dry, dull cells.
  • PREVENT Ingrown Hair Serum: If you’re gifting the Waxxpot Body Collection as a set, don’t forget PREVENT! It works great with our lotion and body wash, preventing bumps and irritations for smooth skin perfection.

Your Best Friend

The other half of your dynamic duo deserves this dynamic duo for fabulous brows!

  • Brow Gel: This versatile light- to medium-hold gel is perfect for the friend who’s low-maintenance but still wants that polished look.
  • Brow Serum: Add the Brow Serum for healthy, full brows that wow!
Waxxpot holiday gift guide

All it takes is a quick trip to Waxxpot to nail holiday gift giving this year!

Your Significant Other

Show your love with the gift of self-care and smooth skin! You really can’t go wrong with a Waxxpot gift card (available in-store). If your SO is new to Waxxpot, double up on the savings (for you and them!) with our referral program.


Yes, it’s the season of giving, but don’t forget to give yourself a BREAK. Take advantage of the epic Holiday Waxx Paxx Sale happening now (buy 6, get 2 free or buy 9, get 3 free), then book yourself a Brow Wax & Tint or Brazilian because you deserve to feel special (and smooth!).

Seems my work here is done! Now go on, pick up these gifts at your nearest Waxxpot location, and book yourself a service ASAP!


Fairy Waxxmother

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