Follow These 5 Tips for Your Most Hydrated Skin Yet


Dewy, hydrated skin? Sooo dreamy. On the flipside, dull, irritated, tight skin from improper hydration is the stuff of nightmares, for sure. (It can also bring on premature aging.) We’re sharing 5 tips for hydrated skin, not only because hydration is crucial—but because it’s an important step in your wax routine. Why? Because moisturized skin:

  • Keeps the soon-to-be-waxed and surrounding areas soft (no brittle hair!)
  • Stops hair breakage during your wax
  • Helps prevent ingrowns and other irritations

So, how to maintain perfectly hydrated skin? (Besides, you know, slathering on moisturizer and drinking that daily recommended dose of H2O?) Here are 5 (easy!) tips for hydrated skin you oughta try RN.

(You can just hear your skin saying thank you.)

  1. There’s been debate about whether drinking water actually hydrates your skin, but evidence does state that because skin is made of cells, which are largely made of water, your skin becomes “thirsty.” So drink up—it can’t hurt—but add some supple skin-inducing ingredients to that glass of H2O. Jazz up your water with raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries—any fruits that are not only tasty, but possess high levels of vitamins C and/or antioxidants.
  2. Eat your water. Not super-psyched about downing that recommended 64 oz water daily? Nosh on it instead! Snack on water-dense veggies like cucumbers, cantaloupe, bell peppers, watermelon and strawberries. Additionally, foods high in essential fatty acids (salmon, olive oil, walnuts) can help the skin preserve moisture. (Here’s a helpful list of water-rich foods—take note for your next grocery trip.)
  3. Skip long showers (and nix the hot water). Hot water strips your skin of its natural oils and lipids, so tap into the idea of taking warm, not hot, showers—and shorter showers as well.
  4. Apply your moisturizing products to damp or wet skin. (It helps products penetrate deeper into the skin.) However, you only have five minutes post-shower/bath to lotion up and lock in your skin’s moisture for maximum benefits. Our tip: Keep your moisturizer bottle in the shower with you—where it won’t get wet, of course, but where you can reach it as soon as you towel off.
  5. Use a gentle cleanser. Find one that ensures long-lasting hydration to your skin rather than stripping it of its natural oils.



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