What to Book with Your Bikini Wax

waxing menu pairings

Time. It’s a precious commodity we could all use more of. It’s valuable. To be respected. We at Waxxpot completely understand this. We know you have a busy schedule. That you’re short on time. Which is why we suggest scheduling more than one wax in one appointment. It’s a valid solution, pairing waxes during a singular wax salon visit. And it provides the opportunity to try something other than the beloved brow or bikini wax we’re all so fond of. So peruse that waxing menu, or, simply consider these wax pairings the next time you book your appointment.

What to Pair with a Bikini Wax (and Other Waxing Menu Services)

What: Brazilian/Bikini wax
Pair with: Stomach strip
Why: You’ll create a smooth transition from the top of your navel to the top of your underwear line.

What: Back wax
Pair with: Neck wax
Why: If you’re feeling daring, ask your wax specialist for a neck wax, too—and feel smooth all the way from the bottom of your hairline down your back.

What: Chest wax
Pair with: Stomach wax
Why: This one’s a no-brainer: If you’re going to be smooth in the chest area, why not go all the way and add a stomach wax, too?

What: Stomach wax
Pair with: Chest wax
Why: See chest wax pairing commentary above.

What: Brow wax
Pair with: Brow tint
Why: These two waxing services complement each other flawlessly. Tack on a brow tint with your eyebrow wax to further enhance and define your already beautiful brows.

What: Underarm wax
Pair with: Shoulder wax
Why: Because, why not? Request a shoulder wax for total smoothness from the underarm to the shoulder.

Any questions? We’re here, so give us a shout.




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