Waxx Paxx Spring Sale is on! Save 25% on every wax service.

Waxx Paxx are the best value for those who want to stay smooth all summer long – and beyond.

When you buy a Waxx Paxx you’re purchasing your favorite service in bulk. Waxx Paxx are available for ANY service. With the Waxx Paxx Spring Sale you’ll save even more on your favorite service(s). Your Waxx Paxx does not expire so you can space out your services how you like. Waxx Paxx can be redeemed at any location!

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Waxx Paxx Spring Sale

Save big on staying smooth with our biggest sale of the year.

Buy 6 and get 1 2 free!

Buy 9 and get 2 3 free!

Smooth now, pay later with Waxx Paxx payment plans.

Benefits of a Regular Wax Routine?

  • Smoother Skin: Regular waxing keeps you in sync with your hair growth cycle. Translation: less stubble, more smooth!
  • Better, Longer-Lasting Results: The more you wax, the less grows back! Hair comes back finer and more slowly each time you get waxed.
  • Less Pain: Waxing becomes much more comfortable as hair grows more sparse and your tolerance increases.
  • Saves Time: When you’re consistent, each session will be faster and easier. Not to mention all the time you’ll save on shaving!
  • Extra Exfoliation: Waxing exfoliates the skin so it can more easily absorb moisture and give you a gorgeously smooth, dewy glow.
  • No More Bumps: When you stop shaving you can say goodbye to unsightly red bumps and irritations. Waxing results in fewer ingrowns – no rashes, no itching!
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Payment Plans

Split the cost of your Waxx Paxx across 3 or 4 monthly payments – and make it easier to save on your wax routine. Payment plans are only available in-store. Ask your Waxxpot front-desk associate about payment plans!

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How much will I save?

During our Spring Waxx Paxx Sale, you’ll save 25% on all services compared to purchasing services individually. Payment plans are available in-store!

Buy 6 Get 1 2 FREE

Prices may vary by location.

Buy 9 Get 2 3 FREE

Prices may vary by location.

Brazilian (v)
$59 $44.25
$59 $44.25
Bikini Full (v)
$50 $37.50
$50 $37.50
Brow Wax
$21 $15.75
$21 $15.75
Brow Wax + Tint
$40 $30
$40 $30
$14 $10.50
$14 $10.50
$25 $18.75
$25 $18.75

Waxx Paxx are available for any service!


Still have questions about Waxx Paxx? We have answers!

  • How much will Waxx Paxx save me?

    If you purchase during our Spring Waxx Paxx Sale, you’ll get 2 free waxes when you purchase a 6-Pack, and 3 free waxes when you purchase a 9-Pack. You’ll save 25% on every service compared to purchasing services separately. Buy in bulk for the win!

  • Can I buy Waxx Paxx for any service?

    Absolutely! Waxx Paxx are available for all Waxxpot services.

  • Do Waxx Paxx expire?

    No! Waxx Paxx can be used immediately upon purchase, and they never, ever expire.

  • Can I use my Waxx Paxx at any Waxxpot?

    Yes! Waxx Paxx can be redeemed at any Waxxpot (24 locations and counting).

  • Are payment plans available?

    Yes! Payment plans are available, but they can only be purchased in-store. 6-Pack Waxx Paxx (8 total services) can be split into 3 monthly payments. 9-Pack Waxx Paxx (12 total services) can be spread across 4 monthly payments. Please call your local Waxxpot, or ask the front desk associate for details.

  • What if I don’t use all of the waxes in my Waxx Paxx?

    This is a problem you don’t need to worry about! Since Waxx Paxx never expire, they’ll be available until you use them up.

  • What are the advantages of Waxx Paxx vs. pay-as-you-go?

    There are so many! First, you will save money (25% to be exact!) on each and every wax purchased as part of Waxx Paxx. Second, it’s so convenient! We make it easy for you to use the waxes how and when you want, with very few restrictions. Finally, purchasing waxes in advance is a great way to keep up with your wax routine. We all know that getting waxed regularly leads to less discomfort and smoother, longer-lasting results!

  • I don’t need another wax for a few weeks. Should I still buy Waxx Paxx now?

    If you want to save 25%, then yes! Our Spring Waxx Paxx Sale is only happening for a limited time.

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"I'd give it more than 5/5 stars if I could! I've been coming here for 1.5 years now on a regular basis. Makayla does an AMAZING job with all of my services every time. She's very friendly and always makes me feel comfortable. The front desk ladies (Laurel, in particular) are always so happy and friendly towards me and they always get me scheduled and rescheduled as needed. LOVE THIS PLACE!"

N. Muna

Waxxpot Austin Seaholm
"Great experience for a first time lash lift. Tana was wonderful and super friendly! Also if you’re sensitive like myself when it comes to products used for cooling on eyebrow waxing, this place I recommend, it didn’t leave any bumps or a lot of redness."

J. Corbett

Waxxpot Reynoldsburg
"Waxxpot Western Hills is a great location filled with wonderful and caring employees. You are always greeted with a smile and friendly conversation from Dqcodis. Then off to receiving services from Emani, who makes you feel quite comfortable and safe - All while having the best conversations. I highly recommend!"

K. Kurz

Waxxpot Western Hills

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