Can You Wax and Go to the Beach?

can you wax and go to the beach

Once upon a time, you wished for smooth skin. Noted. So here I am! Your very own Fairy Waxxmother, available to answer any and every query on waxing, beauty, self-care in general. Waxx Me Anything! Like, can you wax and go to the beach?

We know some have escape-the-snow holiday beach vacays planned (lucky you!) or even live in close proximity to some type of surfside atmosphere, so this makes for a timely question year round. So shall I reveal the answer? Read on!

You Ask, Your Fairy Waxxmother Answers


Dear Fairy Waxxmother,

Can I go to the beach before my wax? What about after my appointment?


Beachgoer in Austin


It’s always best to wait one or two days between waxing and being in the sun—both before and after your wax appointment.

You don’t want to get sunburned pre-wax appointment—professional Waxx Specialists will not perform services on those with unhealthy skin (aka, sunburned skin).

And post-appointment? Your skin is fabulously smooth (yay!), but it’s also sensitive. Waxing exfoliates the skin, removing not only unwanted hair but your skin’s top layer of dead skin cells. And fresh, open skin is more likely to burn and/or get irritated by grainy textures like sand or salt. So wait 24 to 48 hours before beach time.

If waiting is not possible and you do head to the beach, sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! (And really, you should be doing this anyway.)

More questions for me? Stop what you’re doing and waxx me anything! Comment or DM on social and use #fairywaxxmother and #WaxxMeAnything.

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