11 Manscaping Services That Are Addictive (Not Scary)

manscaping services

To all the men out there, have you ever had a wax? You should. Schedule some self-care time and get waxxed. That’s right. Skip that shave. Nix the razor. Book a wax. Banish stubble. Eliminate razor burn. Because simply put, manscaping services are where it’s at.

To touch on this briefly, ever wonder what male wax services you can even book? Hint, hint: There are plenty available. (And, if you’re not entirely sure about this whole hair removal topic, read up on what is manscaping or learn the benefits of men’s waxing services (again, there are plenty).

Manscaping Services: Menu Options

men's waxing servicesA quick crash course on manscaping services:

*Arms (Half/Full): Because smooth looks good on everyBODY.

*Back (Full/Lower): No hairy self for you at the pool or gym!

*Nether-Regions, i.e., Bikini (Line)/Brazilian/Glutes/Cheeks: Yes, men wax underneath the waist. (Ever heard of the term manzilian?)

*Chest: Read line above regarding pool and gym. A chest wax applies year-round.

*Hands: If your hands and digits are hairier than normal, waxing’s the best friend you never knew you had.

*Legs (Half/Full): Yes, leg waxing for men is on the menu.

*Neck: Sure beats asking your significant other or hairstylist to constantly trim the back of your neck, right?

*Stomach (Full/Strip): We’re going to play the smooth card again. Chest waxing is more common for men, but if you want to start small, a stomach wax is the ticket.

*Men’s shoulders: Smoother shoulders? Totally achievable with a wax.

*Toes: Waxing will take mere minutes and you’ll be smooth for a significant amount of time.

*Underarms: Prefer a smoother look under the arms? You got it. Two words: armpit waxing.

Plus, a bonus of waxing as your go-to hair removal method: The more you wax, the easier (read: less uncomfortable-slash-painful) it gets—and the longer you can go between appointments. That’s right, and here’s the reason: Ridding hair from the root, i.e., waxing, damages the follicle and causes the regrowth to come in finer, lighter, less coarse. It can also prevent ingrowns. Done deal.



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