How to Get Your Guy to the Wax Salon (Yes, Really!)

mens waxing services

Your man. Main squeeze. Sweetie. Whatever you call him, you love him to bits. But how do you put this delicately?…While you love him to bits, he’s, well, perhaps a bit too hairy. Ok, way too hairy. Time to find a solution (and fast). Now, if bushiness-slash-hairiness doesn’t bother you, that’s fab; we’re behind ya 100%. But if it does, well, then, it’s time for him to get waxxed! Men’s waxing services is an idea that’s not completely foreign to him—he’s read the Men’s Health stories and toyed with the thought of going either completely smooth or at least trying a tidy-up-grooming session. Now you just need to get him to the wax salon.

Stuck on how to motivate or encourage your guy to get waxxed? We have seven genius tips you have to try. Just sayin’.

Men’s Waxing Services

How to Get Your Guy to the Wax Salon

1. Schedule a male wax service for him. Simple tip, sure, so get to it. Book now! Brows, chest, shoulders…(just some of the many men’s waxing services Waxxpot offers on its treatment menu!)

2. Book a wax together. It’ll help ease him into the hair removal experience. Couples waxing? We’re calling it—it’s totally a thing, and you heard it here first. We’re not saying be in the same room while getting a Brazilian wax or whatnot, but come in together for a brow wax. Or simply schedule your individual waxes—be it legs, nether-regions, stomach, etc.—at the same time but with two different Wax Specialists. Arrive together and it’s a surefire way he’ll have to show up to the wax salon.

3. Read aloud to him excerpts from our Bare Essentials Waxxpot Blog. It’s brilliant reading (in our oh-so-humble opinion), and the insight taken from each article will help eliminate his anxiety, for sure.

For starters, here’s a CliffsNotes version from our Yes, Manscaping’s A Thing: Why Men Should Wax article: “That oh-so-smooth appearance you achieve from waxing? Totally creates a more toned, defined look…And a more groomed look.” (We mean, who doesn’t appreciate that?) Or this other little snippet, direct from our THIS Is Why You Leave Nasal Hair Removal to the Pros post: “Waxing removes hair from the follicle…With trimmers or a razor, the hair’s only gone until it grows back again. Which for many, is quite quick.” And this little tidbit from our 4 Reasons Men Should Wax Their Eyebrows story is our fave: “Correctly shaped eyebrows can take years off your face.” (Hello!)

4. As well, diminish his fears by informing him that Waxxpot will walk him through every step of the hair removal appointment. No surprises, no awkwardness.

5. Remind him that self-care applies to everyBODY. And yes, assure him that heading to the wax salon is absolutely a form of relaxation.

6. Explain to your guy the difference between a barbershop and a wax salon. Now, we love a good barbershop, but wax salons present the ultimate, precise, professional hair removal experts—whether your man simply wants a bit of trimming and grooming or he wants to go completely hairless.

7. Reiterate to him that hair removal is in his best interest. Should he want to continue with your relationship, he needs to have a relationship with Waxxpot.

Now let’s get your guy to the wax salon!



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