9 Reasons Why You Should Treat Yourself to a Wax

reasons you should wax

You woke up this a.m. and felt some stubble, so of course your first thought is likely to be: Shuffle out of bed. Step outside. Head to Waxxpot. We totally get it and are right there with ya. Brazilian wax. Stomach wax. Bikini wax. Eyebrow wax. All of ‘em. We don’t care. We’re treating ourselves to a hair removal service (um, services), stat, and encourage you to do so as well! Why? We could rattle off a zillion reasons you should wax but this list is a solid start.

9 Reasons You Should Wax

1. Because self-care is a necessity, not an indulgence. (And if you don’t think waxing is a pampering experience, well, then, you need to come to Waxxpot!)

2. You said goodbye to the hairy leg situation in, what, sixth grade?

3. You vowed to never have Frida Kahlo-like brows…

4. …and need that confidence boost that only killer (exceptionally groomed) brows can give you.

5. It’s time to make up for all that smooth, gorgeous skin time you lost during 2020 (who else still has nightmares about the insane amount of stubble and shagginess you hid underneath your sweatpants last year?).

6. It’s beach season. ’Nuff said.

7. Your smooth skin will thank you.

8. Your significant other will thank you.

9. You will thank you.

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