The COVID-19 stay-at-home orders are easing, so of course your first thought is likely to be: Step outside. Head to Waxxpot.* We totally get it! Because if there’s anything COVID-19 hasn’t slowed down, it’s our hair. We’re in desperate need of a wax, stat. Brazilian wax. Stomach wax. Bikini wax. Eyebrow wax. All of ’em. We don’t care. We’re treating ourselves to a wax and encourage you to do so as well. Why? We could rattle off a zillion reasons you should wax but this list is a solid start.

Reasons you should wax


  1. COVID-19’s messed with your wax routine long enough.
  2. As social distancing rules relax, you’re about to get
  3. Your living room you once deemed Architectural Digest-worthy now absolutely irritates you.
  4. You’re all caught up on Tiger King.
  5. You said goodbye to hairy legs in, what, sixth grade?
  6. You vowed to never have Frida Kahlo-like brows.
  7. Your smooth skin will thank you.
  8. Your significant other will thank you.
  9. You will thank you.

*So book now—Waxxpot Sandy Springs is open for business!

And for even further excellent news: Our Waxxpot Dayton, Gahanna and Grandview locations will reopen this Friday, May 15! We are thrilled to welcome you back.



We work with both female and male clients, everyBODY is welcome!

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