Take a Break with This Self-Care Beauty Routine

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We always say self-care starts at Waxxpot. Our wax salons are where you go to feel your best self. Positive. Pampered. (Those who don’t think waxing is a relaxing experience have never been to Waxxpot.) The place you walk out feeling more confident than when you walked in (is that you we see standing up just a lil’ bit straighter with your head held high? 😉). Bottom line? The benefits of waxing, well, they are aplenty. So make waxing part of your self-care beauty and wellness routine!

You deserve to find joy for yourself. And, especially, to take care of yourself while feeling totally indulged. How? Take a break, try these beauty resolutions we’re waxing poetic about RN.

(Plus, skim these exceptionally easy self-care practices that we also find totally useful.)

Take a Break with These Self-Care Beauty Tips

beauty tips*Bubble bath. Cliché? For sure, but it’s so relaxing. Light a candle and press play on some spa tunes for complete chill.

*Apply a face mask (the kind of masks we actually like to wear).

*Don’t skip your annual skincare session—schedule that dermatologist appointment (And since you’re ticking off things on your to-do list, book your dental, hair and other necessary appointments.)

*Book a wax. And consider wax pairings and/or add-ons, i.e., upgrading your wax with a second (or third or fourth…) one in a single visit. You’re already at the salon, so spend your time wisely.

(And if you’re a bit unsure of the hair removal process, ease your fears. Waxxpot represents expert Wax Specialists; both hard and soft wax options; meticulously clean, uber-chic salons; and proprietary techniques/patterns to help prevent ingrowns, make hair removal comfortable and soothe your soon-to-be-smooth skin.)

*Try a massage. Alleviates stress. Improves circulation. Increases mobile flexibility. The wellbeing benefits of massage are too numerous to count. Schedule one, asap.

*What’s better for beauty than beauty sleep? Hit the pillow and the snooze button.

*Mani/pedi. Another simple yet utterly indulgent service that makes you feel like a million bucks and polishes your overall look.



This post has been updated since its original September 2020 publication.

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