What Is the New Eyebrow Trend? 3 Styles We’re Seeing

eyebrow trends 2020

We’re all about timeless. The little black dress. Chanel No. 5. Audrey Hepburn. George Clooney. Timeless truly is always in style. But—it is good to shake things up and be on trend sometimes. Healthy, even. So change it up. Whether it’s your clothes. Your beauty routine. We dare ya. To help you get started, we’ve rounded up some of our fave lifestyle brands’ take on the eyebrow trends dominating 2020.

3 brow styles for 2020: What Is the New Eyebrow trend?

Slim Brows

Think slim, not the pencil-thin brows look that defined the 90s. Slim brows particularly work if your brows are naturally thin or over-tweezed—or if you simply aren’t able to grow the wildly popular thick brows everyone seems to seek. With slim brows, “the brow basics—shape, arch, filling in certain areas—still apply here, but instead of going thick and full, it’s all about keeping it simple and balanced,” PopSugar says.

Chalamet Brows

Here’s a new one for the books: the Chalamet (yes, named after that actor Timothée Chalamet). Elle Australia notes “subtle, smoldering and so chic it hurts, Chalamet brows are much like the man himself.” Meaning: Welcome your inner monobrow and keep your brows a bit closer together for an “effortless, youthful and oh-so-low maintenance” look.

Consistently Inconsistent Brows

InStyle predicted a different take on bold brows for this new decade: consistently inconsistent brows, i.e., more “natural as opposed to overdone. Think less of that stamped-on brow look, and more of a soft, fluffy brow.” To get the look: Use a brow pencil in an upwards motion, slightly angled towards the temple of your head.

For more inspo, check out the best brow shapes for your face. Or better yet, book your eyebrow wax now!



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