National Selfie Day: Ready for Your Closeup?

National Selfie Day: Ready for Your Closeup?

Hey, everyBODY, there are some up-close-and-personal holidays approaching. Which ones, you ask? We’ll tell ya: National Selfie Day (June 21), National Kissing Day (declared June 19 or June 22, depending on the source), and International Kissing Day (July 6). Yup, that’s right. Have to be honest, we knew about Selfie Day, but were totally unaware of the kissing holidays. That being said, we’ve booked both on our calendar because, why not? So…have you scheduled your facial hair removal appointment(s) yet?

Prep for your closeup, whether it involves snapping a pic or smooching. Belly up to our brow bar, everyBODY. We’ll make you smooth before you can say “Selfie!”

Schedule These Facial Hair Removal Services

5 Super-Simple Ways to Prep

*Brow wax: Ladies, an eyebrow wax accentuates your eyes, lifts your face and provides a polished, put-together look. Why wouldn’t you schedule this? And men, here’s the deal with your eyebrows: Men’s brows tend to go a bit haywire starting in your 30s (no, seriously). If you like that look, great. If you want something a little tidier, a brow grooming session is for you.

*Brow tint: Eyebrow tinting is a beauty routine game-changer. A brow tint helps shape and define your natural brows, plus it’s a pretty quick treatment.

*Lash lift: A million times yes for booking a lash lift. Not only does it make your eyes pop and create a more well-rested appearance, you can toss your eyelash curler.

*Lash tint: Enhance that lash lift with a lash tint and define your lashes even further. Done deal.

*Upper lip wax: If you prefer a little peach fuzz, that’s fab. You do you and we’re here for it. Only like fuzz on your peaches? No probs. We’ve got you and that unwanted hair above your lip.

And bonus, everyBODY: The aforementioned list reveals just a few available options; browse our complete offering of facial hair removal services.

Also, we’re just going to put this out there: It’s summer prep time. So get that Brazilian or bikini wax booked at the same time as your facewaxing treatments.

Make Waxxpot your one-stop-shop to smooth!



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