Hey, everyBODY—as Waxxpot reopens its doors (yay!) post COVID-19 quarantine, one thing remains constant: our commitment to your health and safety. The strictest sanitation and cleanliness practices apply at every Waxxpot location, and we’ve enhanced them with new measures. What can you expect from Waxxpot in order to feel at ease and most comfortable when visiting us? Read on for this quick rundown of just some of the MANY protocols we have in place to protect you, our staff and waxxperts.

What to Expect from Waxxpot

waxxpot health and safety standards

What We Need from You

And we need your involvement, too. Waxxpot is requiring the following from our clients for the foreseeable future:

  • Arrive promptly to your appointment.
  • Use the hand sanitizer available at each Waxxpot location, particularly upon check-in and post-treatment.
  • Pay with a credit card only, please (no cash). This is in efforts to reduce cross-contamination.
  • Arrive wearing a mask and leave your mask on while in the salon. Don’t worry, you make it look good. And it protects you, other clients and our Waxxpot staff (they’re wearing one, too.)
  • Tap into your minimalist side and limit any non-essential items you bring into the salon.
  • Maintain social distancing while inside Waxxpot. You’ve had great practice over the past several weeks, so let’s keep it up!

We’re serious about your safety (along with fast, five-star service that helps you maintain your smooth). Reach out with questions and let’s chat. Or, read more on Waxxpot’s safety and sanitation FAQs page. We’re here, and we can’t wait to welcome you back to Waxxpot!



We work with both female and male clients, everyBODY is welcome!

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