Your Ultimate Self-Care Toolbox for the Smoothest.Skin.Ever.

hair removal

Too many tools in your hair removal toolbox? Sounds like it’s time to do some spring cleaning! We totally admit we are complete self-care junkies and stockpile (ok, hoard may be the better description) beauty products like we’re Ulta and Sephora combined. But TBH, there really are only a few essentials necessary in your hair removal toolkit.

That stash of razors, at-home wax kits, nose trimmers, the works? Lose it. Toss it. Have a going-away party for it if you must, but just get rid of it. Then, book a wax appointment. Do the job of all the tools in your hair removal toolbox with a single visit to Waxxpot.

Because 1 Waxxpot visit vs countless DIY hair removal tools? Yeah, there’s no contest. Fuss and fuzz free, effective and efficient. Done deal.

Streamline your get-smooth goals with a quick trip to the wax salon.

Your Self-Care Hair Removal Toolkit

  1. Soothe by Waxxpot. This aftercare antiseptic solution is ideal following your wax appointment. It calms skin, kills bacteria, tackles irritation and helps prevent ingrown hair.
  2. The number of your nearest Waxxpot. (Put us on speed dial if you must; we totally support that!) Find a wax salon near you.
  3. Mild cleanser: Washing your face daily helps stop ingrown hair on your face.
  4. Gentle scrub: Make that two gentle scrubs: You should have one for your face and one for your body. Exfoliating on the reg (i.e., a few times weekly) is beyond beneficial. 1. It softens hair, helping prevent it from breaking or being too brittle while waxing. 2. It prompts your hair to grow upwards, in the correct direction needed to wax. 3. It removes dry, dead skin cell buildup on the surface of your skin that clogs hair follicles and causes ingrown hair.
  5. Waxxpot’s specialty waxes. Say goodbye to that DIY hair removal kit forever. (You’ll understand why after you try one of our specialty waxes. Yes, we offer both hard and soft wax (it’s a question we get asked often!), so you’ll absolutely find what’s right to achieve smooth, fuzz-free skin. Hard wax works best for coarse hair, while our exclusive soft wax (seriously, you must try it—we can’t emphasize this enough!) removes the most baby fine hair so you’ll be smooth as a, well, baby.
  6. Waxx Specialist: Our Waxx Specialists are hands down the best in the business. Exceptionally vetted and trained (and complete professionals, of course).



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