Here’s Why You Should Wax & Not Shave

waxing vs shaving

Goal #1: Obtain irresistibly, epically, what-dreams-are-made-of smooth skin. And sure, sure, there are at-home methods available like shaving. That was likely your first foray into getting rid of unwanted hair. But it’s time to get real: When it comes to waxing vs shaving, shaving’s a burden. It truly is. And it’s not nearly as precise as waxing. Just sayin’.

Yes, we know what you’re thinking. But we’re not saying this merely because we’re obsessed with waxing (which, yeah, we are). We’re telling you this because it’s 100% accurate. Of all the hair removal tools in your self-care toolbox, waxing reigns supreme.

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Waxing vs Shaving

  1. Shaving removes hair on skin surface level only. Which means hair underneath your skin is ready (aka willing) to appear. Waxing, on the other hand, eliminates hair from the root.
  2. Stubble from shaving (we’ve dubbed them “infuriating pricklies”) returns within a couple days’ time (even within 24 hours depending on the speed of your hair growth cycle). No, thank you.
  3. Razor costs add up…
  4. …not to mention time. Sure, you’ve become a shaving pro, and you’ve learned to be quite quick about it while showering or bathing. But shaving every day or nearly every day to get smooth? That time adds up. In recent years, we’ve seen stats reporting women spend anywhere from 56 to 72 days of their lives shaving. (Um, whoa.)
  5. The more you wax, the longer it takes for hair to return. That’s because you’re essentially killing the hair follicle. Which means slower hair regrowth, i.e., the longer you can go between appointments! (Your regrowth hair also returns softer, lighter and finer, which is another benefit of waxing.)
  6. You’ll never feel as smooth post-shaving as you do post-wax. As we mentioned, shaving equals stubble just waiting to sprout underneath the skin’s surface. ‘Nuff said.

Now that we’ve discussed why waxing’s the winner, here’s another helpful tip: Book a wax. And not just one. Book a wax for any place you’d consider shaving: your legs, underarms, bikini area, arms. You’ll be so smooth, so quickly. (And if you’re new to Waxxpot, you’ll receive 25% off your ENTIRE first visit.)



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