These Waxing Services Are Better Together

These waxing services go great together

At Waxxpot, we try to make sure our guests get the most out of their experience each time they visit.

The best way to do that? Book more than one service!

Think about it. The only thing more satisfying than walking out the door with freshly waxed brows is walking out with freshly waxed brows and a fierce Brow Tint. Or smooth underarms and a hair-free bikini line. You see where we’re going with this.

Here are some Waxxpot services that are fantastic on their own, but even better together:

Lash Lift + Lash Tint

A Lash Lift truly does amazing things for your eyes (helllo drama), but adding on a Lash Tint while you’re at it really makes that curl and length pop. These two services go so well together, we really don’t recommend getting one without the other.

Brow Wax + Brow Tint

This combo is like the bacon and eggs of Waxxpot services. You could have one without the other… but why? First, the Brow Wax will clean things up and give your brows a defined shape. Then the Tint will darken your fab new brows, highlighting that shape and adding more volume.

A Brow Wax and Brow Tint go great together

Hit refresh on your face with a Brow Wax & Tint

Shoulders + Back Wax

This combo is for all the guys out there who want a sleek, muscular look. (Does anyone not want that?) Gain confidence when you lose that shirt with two waxing services that complement each other perfectly. After all, do you really want a smooth back and fuzzy shoulders? Or vice-versa? Probably not. Best to get both areas done together.

Chest + Stomach Wax

Similarly, hair-free pecs and furry abs is also not a look we’d recommend. A Chest and Stomach Wax will uncover all that work you’ve done at the gym so you can look and feel smooth at the beach or the pool this summer.

Chest Wax before & after

What a different a Chest Wax makes!

Bikini + Underarm Wax

Back to the ladies. A Bikini Line and Underarm Wax is the perfect summertime combo. When you’re feeling confidently smooth in both areas, you can rock tank tops and bikinis without scrambling to get in a shave (and likely razor burn!) before you head out.

Book now to double up on services and double down on smooth skin!

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