4 Keys to Beautiful Brows

Get beautiful brows in 4 simple steps

When it comes to putting our best face forward, we bow to the power of the brow. If done right, they can enhance your facial features in the best way, making you look younger and more vibrant. Sign. Us. Up.

Not sure about the best way to go from brow to wow? Good news – our Waxx Specialists have it down to a science. It really comes down to 4 simple steps.

Step 1: Brow Wax

Waxxpot Waxx Specialists’ super power (or at least one of them) is knowing exactly what brow shape will be most flattering on each and every face. Their expertise knows no bounds. Book a Brow Wax and let them work their magic. (And here’s what you need to know before you go.)

Step 2: Brow Tint

A Brow Wax works wonders, but don’t stop there. What good are perfectly shaped brows if you can barely see them? When you book your wax, make sure to add a Brow Tint for a one-two punch that will really take your brows to the next level. Tinting has so many benefits, including making brows appear darker, thicker and more natural. That means you can toss your brow pencils and powders (at least for 4-6 weeks).

Step 3: Brow Serum

Once your brows are waxxed, tinted and drop-dead gorgeous, it’s up to you to keep them that way! As always, Waxxpot is here to help. Our Brow Serum ($18, available in store) is full of super-nourishing oils (sunflower, meadowfoam seed, rice bran, and safflower), along with Vitamin E, to keep your brows healthy and promote growth. Just apply to clean, dry brows in the AM and PM.

Step 4: Brow Gel

The second half of the Waxxpot brow dynamic duo is our awesome Brow Gel ($15, available in store). With a light-to medium hold, it conditions brows and creates an instantly polished look. Use the wand to brush brows up and over for a sleek look, or brush them straight up with the brush tip for more volume.

Brow Wax before & after


The best part is you can get all of this in one quick stop to your favorite Waxxpot location! Book your Brow Wax & Tint now (and don’t walk out without the Serum and Gel)!



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