How to Find the Best Brow Shape For Your Face

Find the perfect brow shape for your face

From thick and natural to thin and polished, the options are almost endless when it comes to deciding which brow shape best suits your face. It’s a lot! But no worries, your Fairy Waxxmother is here to take those un-groomed brows from furrowed to fabulous. Simply identify your face shape below to learn which brow style you were born for!

Brows For a Heart-Shaped Face

Your face is: Wider at your forehead with a pointed chin

Your brows should be: Thick and mostly straight, with a softly rounded arch to balance your features

Brows For an Oval-Shaped Face

Your face is: Symmetrical, long and slim with wide cheekbones

Your brows should be: However you want! Oval faces are very versatile. Go the low-maintenance route with a natural look and slight arch.

Brows For a Round Face

Your face is: Curved slightly outward with a rounded chin. The length and width are roughly the same.

Your brows should be: Full with a high arch to open up your face

Brows For a Square-Shaped Face

Your face is: As long as it is wide with a strong, angular jawline

Your brows should be: Soft with a high, curved arch to elongate the face. Avoid sharp, angled brows.

Brows For a Rectangle-Shaped Face

Your face is: Almost twice as long as it is wide with a defined jaw

Your brows should be: Fuller and non-structured to help decrease forehead size

Brows For a Triangle-Shaped Face

Your face is: Wider in the jawline with a narrow forehead

Your brows should be: Full with low, curved arches to soften features

Brows For a Diamond-Shaped Face

Your face is: Narrow in the chin with wide, high cheekbones

Your brows should be: Curved with an angeled arch to help lengthen the widest part of your face

Hope this helped you find your perfect brow shape! Still not sure? No problem! Your Waxxpot Waxx Specialist is a true pro and will have no trouble determining which shape and style is best for you.

Book your Brow Wax now! (And add a Brow Tint while you’re at it!)


Fairy Waxxmother

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