This Fall’s Hottest Eyebrow Trends

Fall 2023 eyebrow trends from Waxxpot

Fall is here! The dropping temps mean we’re forced to cover up, making it the perfect time to let your brows take center stage. Let’s take a look at the hottest eyebrow trends for Fall 2023.

Feathered Brows Have Us All Aflutter

Good news for all you “woke-up-like-this” beauties – the feathered brow trend is still going strong. This look is all about embracing your natural brow shape and adding a bit of fluffiness for that soft, wispy finish.

While a feathered brow is a more natural look, a Brow Wax is still essential to provide a little shape and do away with stray hairs that might come dangerously close to unibrow territory. Apply a clear brow gel and serum each day to hold those fluffs in place, and you’re ready to slay this season.

The Arched Brow: A Timeless Classic

Some things never go out of style, and the classic arched brow is one of them. It’s simple, elegant, and always in vogue. This season, it’s all about keeping those arches well-defined and symmetrical.

A Brow Wax is really the only way to flawlessly achieve this shape (or any shape, really!). By tidying up stray hairs and maintaining a clean arch, you can get that polished and sophisticated look with minimal maintenance down the road.

Fall brow trends: the classic arch

It may be a classic, but an arched brow can also be a total show-shopper!

The Straight Brow Is Making Waves

For those of you who want to change things up, a straight brow might be the way to go. This trend involves creating a straight, horizontal shape, which can give your face a fresh and youthful appearance.

To achieve this look, you’ll definitely need help from a skilled Waxx Specialist to remove any hairs that disrupt the straight line. For added drama, get a Brow Tint as well to enhance the illusion of a flat, straight brow. It’s a daring choice that can really make your eyes pop!

So there they are, the eyebrow trends that are setting the beauty world on fire this fall! Whether you’re going for feathered, classic, or straight brows, one thing is for sure – leave the shaping to a professional! (It may be spooky season, but eyebrow horror stories are just too scary for me!)

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