Should I Keep Waxing Over the Winter?

Keep waxing over the winter

So you’re bundled up and hibernating most of this winter – why keep waxing? I’ll tell you why:

So. Many. Reasons!

On the surface, smooth skin might seem like an unnecessary luxury when you’re covering up. But as your Fairy Waxxmother, I would never let you make the grave mistake of neglecting your wax routine during the colder months. Here are just a few reasons why you won’t regret staying the course:

Your Waxing Pain Tolerance

Have you noticed that the more you get waxed, the less discomfort you feel? You’re not imagining it – it’s true! Waxing weakens follicles and makes hair grow back finer and thinner, so each time you go back there’s less hair and it’s easier to remove. Which means less pain (love that!). BUT, if you stop waxing regularly, your follicles have time to get stronger, and your skin’s tolerance to discomfort gets weaker. Ouch.

That Confidently Smooth Feeling

Fact: it feels good to be smooth! That alone is reason enough to keep up your wax routine. If nothing else, do it for yourself. Everyone deserves to feel sexy and confident at all times – no exceptions.

A wax routine helps you feel confidently smooth all winter

Relax. You’re smooth.

Staying In Sync With Your Hair Growth Cycle

When you keep up with a wax routine, your Waxx Specialist can time your waxes perfectly with your hair growth cycle. The three stages of hair growth (growing, resting and falling out) affect how close hair follicles are to the surface of your skin. Interrupting these stages with a break in waxing makes hair grow back darker and thicker. Even worse? It will take several waxes to get you back to being completely smooth (ugh).

Radiant Winter Skin

Good news! The cold, dry winter air doesn’t mean you have to kiss dewy-looking skin goodbye. What’s the best way to achieve that healthy glow? Exfoliating! And what’s a great way to exfoliate? Waxing! Not only does waxing remove unwanted hair, but it also takes care of the dead, dry skin cells standing between you and the gorgeous skin you crave.

With all of these compelling reasons to keep up your wax routine this winter, I have a feeling you might be wanting to book a wax ASAP. And guess what? If you book now, you can take advantage of our amazing Holiday Waxx Pack Sale on our most popular services so you’re set for the winter!

No need to wait – get to it!


Fairy Waxxmother

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