What Happens If You Shave in Between Waxes?

Is it ok to shave in between waxes?

Ever spotted some stubble after getting waxed and wonder…

What happens if I shave in between waxes?

So you’ve turned to waxing (good for you!) and tossed the razor. Stubble BYE. Or…not?

When you first start waxing, it’s actually completely normal to experience a little stubble trouble. But don’t worry, sticking with waxing pays off.

A wax routine is the way to go (isn’t it always?)

Following your initial wax, you need to establish a waxing routine so all that hair you want to remove can begin to grow at the same time. Regular waxing literally teaches your hair to grow on the same cycle, at the same time, which means…no stray hairs or stubble showing up so soon after your wax! Funny how that works, right?

Play the long game

Unfortunately, all this doesn’t happen overnight. You’ll need to have a few wax appointments to train your hair to grow at the same rate. Once you do, the prize at the end (besides completely bare, gorgeous, smooth skin) is that you’ll stay smoother, longer. Love that for you.

Don't shave stubble in between waxes

Skip shaving between waxes to stay smoother longer

Pro Tip: You’ll also want to moisturize and exfoliate on the regular between appointments to eliminate potential breakage of hair during your wax appointment.

Nix the shaving, stick with waxing

All this to say: skip the shave. Completely. Just say no and hold out until your next wax appointment. Because if you pick up that razor, you’re going to have to start all over again. And who wants to do that?

Book now to stay on top of that wax routine.

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You’ve got this!



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