Never Been Waxed? Here’s Why You’ll Love Waxxpot

Never Been Waxed? Here’s Why You’ll Love Waxxpot

So you’ve decided to ditch your razor and head to a salon to get waxed. First of all, excellent choice. You won’t regret it.

The next step is continuing your streak of stellar decision-making when you choose where to go for your first wax. Obviously you have options, but if you go with Waxxpot you’re practically guaranteed to have a great experience (if we do say so ourselves).

Here’s why:

Our Waxx Specialists Are Total Pros

Yes, our Waxx Specialists are licensed estheticians/cosmetologists who are thoroughly vetted, highly skilled, continuously educated, extremely experienced and all that good stuff. Seriously, these people know exactly what to do to make sure you leave your appointment feeling smooth and utterly amazing. But what sets them apart is how they put our guests at ease. They’ll walk you through the whole process and make sure all of your questions are answered.

Our Waxing Technique Reduces Pain

Real talk: waxing does occasionally cause some discomfort. BUT at Waxxpot, we’ve perfected unique hair removal patterns to give you the smoothest, least painful wax possible. And we’re not just saying that! We make sure our Waxx Specialists are experienced for a reason.

Our Soft Wax is Special (and Works Wonders on Bikini Lines)

We make our own soft wax – that’s how we know it’s good! Our proprietary beeswax formula is crafted with a resin base and special oil blend. This creates an extra protective barrier to keep you comfortable. Our soft wax is also ideal for removing the smallest, hard-to-get hairs, preventing ingrown hairs, and achieving unbelievably smooth results on even the most sensitive skin. 10/10 recommend.

Our Salons Have a Great Vibe

Bright, cheerful, sleek and stylish, the design of our Waxxpot salons is so calming and welcoming, you’ll want to move in. Unfortunately we can’t make that accommodation, but we can guarantee you won’t find a cleaner, more comfortable spot to get waxed!

Ready to book that first wax? We can’t wait to see you at your nearest Waxxpot!

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