Waxx Hack: How to Keep Up With Your Wax Routine

Keep up with your wax routine

In case you don’t already know, maintaining a regular wax routine is the best way to keep your skin smooth and glowing all year long. Plus, the other benefits (slower hair growth, less painful waxing, the list goes on…) make for a pretty amazing pay-off.

The problem is that it’s way too easy to put waxing on the back burner when life gets crazy (especially in colder months when you’re covered up anyway!). I get it. That’s why I came up with a few tips to help you stay on track!

Purchase a Waxx Pack

This isn’t just a sales pitch (although Waxx Packs ARE awesomely convenient). Buying a Waxx Pack will 100% keep you motivated. You paid for the waxes, you gotta use them! Waxxpot offers 3-Pack, 6-Pack and 9-Pack Waxx Packs in stores. Bonus: you get 1 FREE wax with the 6-Pack, and 2 FREE waxes with the 9-Pack! Waxx Pack services can be used immediately after purchase (the same day, in fact), and payment plans are available – ask for details in-store!

Make Wax Appointments in Advance

Once you get waxed, get that next appointment booked before you leave the store. You can always reschedule later if something comes up, but this way you don’t have to take the time to call later. Plus, booking in advance guarantees you’ll get your favorite time and Waxx Specialist.

Plan Ahead

Think about the next time you need to have perfectly smooth skin. Do you have a special event coming up? A vacation? Are spring and warmer weather happening soon? (The answer is yes!) Whatever the reason, make sure to book a wax appointment several days before you want to be at your smoothest.

Maintain a regular wax routine for ultimate smoothness

Book your wax a few days before vacation to achieve ultimate smoothness for the entire trip.

Don’t Shave Between Waxes

It may be tempting to turn to your razor if you experience a little stubble between waxes. But don’t do it! This will reset your hair’s growth cycle and erase one of the major benefits of a wax routine: getting all your hair to grow at the same rate (which results in perfectly glowing skin that stays smooth longer).

So there you have it – a simple plan to keep your wax routine on track and keep you smooth forever!

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