5 Steps to Healthy Winter Skin

Let Waxxpot help you get healthy winter skin

Real talk: Winter is way harsh on your skin. The dry air and freezing temps make it really hard to maintain that dewy glow. (Blah.) BUT– your Fairy Waxxmother is here with some good news! Thanks to Waxxpot, there are 5 easy steps you can take to achieve and maintain healthy skin this winter.

Step 1: Cleanse with CLEAN Body Wash

Many cleansers out there do a great job with the cleaning part, but strip your skin of much-needed moisture in the process. Not this one! Waxxpot’s CLEAN Body Wash gently polishes while it cleanses and soothes bumps and blemishes, all while locking in moisture. You won’t regret making this your daily body wash, especially in dry, colder months.

Step 2: Exfoliate with SMOOTH Exfoliant Scrub

SMOOTH is a luxurious sugar scrub designed to help you maintain irresistibly soft and smooth skin. The fine sugar particles delicately slough away dull, dead cells, unveiling a fresh layer of smoothness beneath, while also preventing pesky ingrown hairs (love that!). Works best when used 2-3 times per week, after cleansing.

Waxxpot SMOOTH Exfoliant

Use SMOOTH Exfoliant 2-3 times a week for gorgeous, glowing skin!

Step 3: Moisturize with HYDRATE Body Lotion

As you’ve probably gathered, moisturizing is so, so important to achieving healthy skin in the winter. The problem is locking in that hydration once you’ve applied your moisturizer. Luckily, HYDRATE Body Lotion does just that. Use it after showering for fully-quenched, soft skin that feels great (and not at all itchy)!

Step 4: Protect with PREVENT Ingrown Hair Serum

Ingrown hairs are no fun. Sadly, they happen to the best of us. But there are things you can do to protect your skin against them, namely using Waxxpot’s PREVENT Ingrown Hair Serum. The combination of glycolic and lactic acids, as well as tea tree oil, is effective in making ingrowns a no-go!

Waxxpot Body Collection


Step 5: Get Waxed

Waxing helps cellular turnover by removing dead skin cells, just like a typical exfoliator would do. Plus, you get the added bonus of feeling smooth and hair-free!

Now that you have your 5-step plan to healthy winter skin, it’s time to get started. Book your wax and pick up the Waxxpot Body Collection during your visit!


Your Fairy Waxxmother

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