Why Men Love Waxing These 3 Areas

Most popular areas for men to get waxed

I’m going to share a secret with you – men enjoy having smooth skin just as much as women do! But since guys haven’t always prioritized grooming like the ladies (don’t worry, you’re getting there!), many hesitate to take the plunge and give waxing a try.

These three waxing services are extremely popular with our male clients and are a great way to dip your toe into the “wax pot” (see what I did there?) for all you first-timers out there. Here’s why the men who try them become believers in the phrase “once you wax, you can’t go back!”

Chest Wax

Your chest is front and center anytime you go to the beach or the pool (or just feel like taking your shirt off). When it’s nice and smooth… well, that’s a gooood look! Even if you’re not super hairy to begin with, waxing is the only way to achieve that ultimate smoothness. Plus, it lasts longer than shaving and makes hair grow back thinner and slower the more you do it.
Waxxpot Before & After: Chest Wax

Back (and Shoulder) Wax

A Back and Shoulder Wax is one of the most popular (if not THE most popular) men’s services. While there’s nothing wrong with a hairy back, it might make some feel a little self-conscious in the summer, especially if it’s patchy or uneven. Plus, there’s no easy way to DIY a Back Wax, or even shave it for that matter – this is one area of the body that’s best left to the pros! (That actually holds true for all areas, tbh.)

Waxxpot Before & After: Back Wax

Eyebrow Wax

A Brow Wax is 100% NOT just a service for women! Men might even benefit from it more since their brow hair tends to be thicker and more prone to unibrows (sorry, guys!). Simply put, a properly groomed pair of eyebrows can make all the difference between someone who looks kinda sloppy and a dude who’s got his act together.

No matter which areas you choose to wax, one of the best parts about coming to Waxxpot is that it’s quick, convenient and discreet. You’re in, you’re out, and best of all, you’re smooth. It couldn’t be easier!

Book today to try out one of our popular men’s services (or any other body part – smooth looks good everywhere!).


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